Welcome to the North Shore Long Island Branch of AAUW

We are happy to announce that we are fully signed on to Zoom and are conducting our meetings utilizing this easy-to-use platform.  After a hiatus that gave us time to regroup, we have scheduled six meetings for June, all of them listed here on our website.  We are working on our summer schedule and will be posting it here shortly.  Anyone who needs support learning to use Zoom can call our president, Cynthia, at 516-732-7029, and she will refer you to one of our trainers. We hope to see you in person soon, but in the meantime, it is wonderful we can all stay in touch, learn together, and keep our friendships alive online.

We are advising everyone to stay home and stay safe during this difficult time.  Please know we all share the same fears and worries about our health and safety and the future.  Like never before, we are all in this together.  We hope you will stay in touch virtually with all the good friends you have made at AAUW and that this will bring you courage and strength.  Remember, we are strong and resilient.  We look forward to seeing you again and enjoying our meetings with renewed appreciation for our friendship once all this has passed.

Join us at our many study groups, featuring travel, literature, political action, music and bridge, plus arts and antiques and new perspectives on current issues.  We welcome your ideas for future programs, and we are always searching for fresh new leadership.  Click on the Upcoming Events or Calendar button above to find out more.

Our Political Action Group, NOSH, has joined together to work on several issues of interest, including voting rights, the economy, the environment, education, reproductive rights, gun control, immigration, national and local politics and prison reform.  We are an active group — we met with Thomas Suozzi in Huntington to discuss some of these issues and found him very responsive.  We also met with State Senator Tony Avella of Bayside to discuss women’s healthcare, environmental issues, and funding for education.  Check out our ongoing work by clicking on the NOSH ACTION button on the navigation bar, above.  Please consider joining us in our discussions and our activities.  Raise your voice and make your opinion count through AAUW.

Who we are
The North Shore Branch is an active group of over 145 women involved in a wide-ranging array of study groups, programs, and events, from literature groups and political action committees to meetings that focus on travel, arts and antiques, music, film, education, gender pay equity, and other topics of interest, some with speakers or panels offering formal lectures, others featuring free and open discussion forums.  Study and action groups and full Branch meetings take place several times a month at various times of the day and evening.  Click on our Calendar, above, or on our Branch Events to the right to see our currently scheduled meetings and events.

Interested in joining our group?
Please contact Julie by clicking on the link or calling her at 516-352-8680 for information about membership in our Branch, or simply click on the Membership button on the menu bar for an application.  You can also click on the Upcoming Events button for a full schedule of meetings.  We hope to see you at one of them soon.  We welcome you at any of our events and would be delighted to have you become a member.

Keep up to date with us on Facebook
Now you can follow us on Facebook at AAUW North Shore.  This is a great way to find out the latest news about what our Branch is doing and what people are saying about it, and add your thoughts to the conversation.  Just click on the link, Branch Facebook page, in the sidebar at the right under AAUW Links and join the ongoing dialogue.  We’ll be happy to hear from you.

About AAUW
The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is a nationwide network of more than 165,000 members and donors, 1,000 branches, and 800 college/university institution partners.  For 130 years, AAUW members have examined and taken positions on the fundamental issues of the day — educational, social, economic, and political. Our commitment to our mission is reflected in all aspects of our work.

AAUW got its start in 1881 when 17 like-minded women who had defied society’s standards by earning college degrees got together to talk about issues of common concern.  Today the association’s over 100,000 members gather in large and small groups to study and learn, gain a voice in government, discuss how to influence critical women’s and civil rights issues, foster friendships, network, and enjoy the company of people who share our ideas, views, visions, and concerns.

AAUW’s mission
AAUW advances gender equity for women and girls through research, education and advocacy.  Our vision is equity for all.  Our strategic plan ensures that AAUW is 100% mission-focused, with an eye toward meaningful impact for women and girls.  By joining AAUW, you belong to a community that breaks through educational and economic barriers so that all women have a fair chance.

What’s new?  What’s noteworthy?
Here’s how to make your voice heard in Congress: click on the Two-Minute Activist link in the sidebar to the right under the AAUW Links heading.  Take one minute to read about the latest issue in Congress, then take one minute to personalize a message and email it to your senator or representative or to your selection of newspaper editors.  In addition, read the weekly Legislative Report by clicking on the link in the same sidebar section.  Find out what bills are coming up before Congress and what budgets are being debated.  Are your tax dollars going to support unequal pay?

Opportunities to become involved
Members can participate in all Branch, regional, state, and national AAUW activities.  AAUW values and seeks a diverse membership.  There are no barriers to full participation in this organization at any level.

The AAUW Educational Opportunities Fund
This is the world’s largest source of funding exclusively for graduate women.  The fund supports scholars around the globe, teachers and activists in local communities, women at critical stages of their careers, and those pursuing professions in which women are underrepresented.

The AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund
The LAF provides funding and a support system for individuals seeking judicial redress for sex discrimination.  It is the nation’s largest legal fund focused solely on sex discrimination in higher education.